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Player Spotlight: Carter Ackerman U13 B08

EFC: What was the process to get trained to become a ref?

Carter: First, you have to complete an online session through There is also a required in person session you have to attend after the online course is complete. The cost is around $80 and both sessions are each 3 1/2 hours long. The hardest part was probably sitting for the online session. I broke it up over 3 days so I did an hour session a day.

EFC: How do you sign up for games?

Carter: After you complete the course, they mail you a state referee badge that you have to have, to attend the games and having this badge means that you are officially in the system. You have access to several different websites to sign up for games. You have the option to choose what club, age group, city, etc., that you want to sign up for.

EFC: What’s the best part of ref’ing games?

Carter: Of course, it's making money! It's fun to be out on the field and be in control of the game you love! I earn between $35-$51 a game (depends on if I’m the Ref or the Assistant Ref and the size of field and age group).

EFC: What do you plan to do with the money you’re making?

Carter: I am saving up to purchase a gaming computer.

EFC: What’s something interesting or surprising you’ve learned being a ref?

Carter: I have learned that being a ref can be hard. Sometimes playing soccer can be frustrating. I have a better understanding of what the referee has to deal with and have a better appreciation for them.

EFC: What rule do you think parents don’t understand that you wish they did?

Carter: I think there is a lot of confusion over indirect and direct free kicks.

EFC: What advice do you have for others that want to become a ref?

Carter: Take the time to sign up and get your referee license. It is fun and the pay is great! I can't believe I get paid to ref soccer, the game I know and love!

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