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Champion in Life: Leadership Academy Participant, Charlie Fink

Charlie is one of 15 boys chosen to participate in the Eastside FC Leadership Academy program. Since September, he and his fellow peers have completed nearly 20 hours of learning in the classroom and on the field. On Friday night our young leaders hit the field with Eastside Coaches and the Friday night academy - with our youngest players just 4 years old. Charlie has made a positive impact with his presence on the field - young players look up to him, and he always has players engaged. Charlie has become a positive role model on the field and has been an asset to the Leadership program. I am sure he has inspired so many to continue their love for soccer. We hope Charlie continues to build on his coaching and leadership skills in the future.”


Tell us a bit about why you were nominated as a Champion in Life?

I was nominated by Claire Knocks, as a participant in the Eastside Leadership Academy. It was a great opportunity to work with the kids and grow their love and passion for the game while helping them grow fundamentally as well.


What's your favorite quote?

"Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise" – Neymar


What do you love about playing soccer?

I enjoy the hard work and the struggle to get better.  I appreciate the beauty of the game and when it is played right the harmony of everyone working together as one.  I share the passion people have for the game all around the world.


Thank you for this recognition, it is an honor to play for Eastside FC.


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