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The process of finding and selecting the right college fit takes work and time. It’s an important decision that will springboard you into a successful career and life after college. Eastside FC is committed to Building Champions in Life and to that end we can help you find your path. 


Regardless of where you are in the college selection process, it’s essential to stay on track and catch up if you’ve fallen behind. The college selection process is often misunderstood and almost always the source of unnecessary stress. We can help you make sense of things and provide actionable guidance and next steps. We've identified a recommended path that, when followed, keeps the process manageable.    


Eastside has partnered with Total Global Sports (TGS) and Coach Fred Thompson is your TGS point of contact. Download the Eastside FC College Talk Presentation.


Find the best academic and athletic fit


Learn to create an effective college profile


Learn an effective communication strategy for contacting colleges


Learn important dates and milestones

Defining Your Own Path

In earnest, the path to playing in college starts in your first year of high school. There’s not a lot that has to be done this first year, but as with any building, laying a solid foundation is essential.  As you progress through high school, more and more is required each year. Establishing and following a path makes the process simple. We can help you identify key milestones, roadblocks and decision points.  


Not unlike becoming a better player through individual training, the college selection process is your responsibility. We have the resources, understand the process and path, and will assist you, but we can’t do the work for you.   


Not everyone will play at the NCAA Division 1 level. And not everyone will continue on to play soccer in college.  We are here to help everyone looking to continue their education after high school – like I said, we are here to help.  Our focus at EFC is always going to be to help you find the right fit.  Help you get to the place where you can thrive.  When soccer is involved in your college decision we hope you’ll be encouraged to consider “fit over division.” 


High School Checklists

Keep your college recruitment process on track:


Total Global Sports

Total Global Sports (TGS) elevates Eastside FC to new levels when it comes to college recruiting. TGS is an online recruiting tool that will help you establish and follow your path, find initial college options, and contact coaches to stay relevant and top of mind. It’s a fantastic tool that we’re proud to use and is provided to Eastside players at no additional cost.

Fred Thompson, your point of contact

Fred holds a USSF A license and has been coaching for over 30 years. Fifteen of those years were spent at the college level, from Community College assistant to Division 1 Head Coach. He’s been a part of both the men’s and women’s D1 programs, including Bellevue Community College, the University of Evansville, Bowling Green State University, West Point (United States Military Academy) and Southern Utah University.  He has built a widespread network of coaches on both the men’s and women’s side.  He knows what coaches are looking for as well as what they are not.  Fred is our Eastside liaison with Total Global Sports. 


Have a question?

Fred Thompson
Head Coach & Director, COLLEGE RESOURCES



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