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Emerging Talents

Program Overview

The Emerging Talents program at EFC is designed to identify and promote younger players who show exceptional potential, driving development through consistent & competitive training at early ages.


Eastside staff will identify 16-24 U7 & U8 players annually. These young athletes will have access to additional and advanced training sessions in three 4-month sessions per year and will also have the opportunity to play in extra games, festival/jamboree weekends and even tournaments. Players in the program will also receive unique Adidas training gear branded for the EFC Emerging Talents Program. 


Training groups within the program are not static throughout the year, so players can move in and out of the sessions as identified or as individual availability changes.

Program Goals

Provide accelerated & advanced development opportunities to the club’s youngest talents, while identifying new players to Eastside FC who are excellent candidates to develop into elite players. Provide additional attention to and help foster each player’s special qualities, helping to develop difference-making 


Player Identification

Players are identified for the Emerging Talents program by Eastside FC staff through our many development programs for young players. The EFC Technical Academies, Summer & Holiday Camps and the Junior RCL program are all places where our staff works to identify promising U8 and U7 players who may benefit from the additional training and heightened competitive environment offered in the Emerging Talents program. Families new to Eastside can request an evaluation from our staff by contacting us at

Player Development

To provide an accelerated player development pathway, sessions within the Emerging Talents Program will focus on technical quality through a competitive environment, promoting independent decision-making in a small-sided game environment (e.g. 1v1, 2v1, 3v3, 4v3). Our pathway is centered with a long-term view, as we look to build Eastside players of the future. 


Sessions & Cost

Summer - $150
May to August
1 training session per week

Fall - $150
September to December
Jr. RCL Program + 1 training session per week

Winter - $150
January to April
Jr. RCL Program + 1 training session per week

Frequently Asked Questions


Get in Touch

Want to learn more about our camps and technical academies? 

Troy Letherman

Emerging Talents & Head Coach

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