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The Emerging Talents program at Eastside FC is designed to identify and promote younger players who show exceptional potential, driving development through consistent & competitive training at early ages.


Eastside staff will identify U6-U10 players tracking at an elevated skill level who will be given access to additional and advanced training sessions. The program consists of three, 4-month sessions during which players may have the opportunity to play in extra games, festival/jamboree weekends, and even tournaments. Players in the program will also receive unique Adidas training gear branded for the Eastside FC Emerging Talents Program.


Training groups within the program are not static throughout the year, so players can move in and out of the sessions as identified or as individual availability changes.


High potential players


Technical development


Competitive and advanced


Ball mastery


Top player destination

Age Group:


EFC and Non-EFC Players


See below for more information on dates and times.






Eligibility: EFC and Non-EFC Players
Cost: $150

Spring Session


March 24, 31

April 7, 14, 21, 28

May 5, 12, 19, 26

Time: 5:00-6:15PM

Location: Preston Park, Field 1

Program Goals

Provide accelerated & advanced development opportunities to the club’s youngest talents, while identifying new players to Eastside FC who are excellent candidates to develop into elite players. Provide additional attention to and help foster each player’s special qualities, helping to develop difference-making 


Player Identification

Players are identified for the Emerging Talents program by Eastside FC staff through our many development programs for young players. The EFC Technical Academies, Summer & Holiday Camps and the Junior RCL program are all places where our staff works to identify promising U8 and U7 players who may benefit from the additional training and heightened competitive environment offered in the Emerging Talents program. Families new to Eastside can request an evaluation from our staff by contacting us at

Player Development

To provide an accelerated player development pathway, sessions within the Emerging Talents Program will focus on technical quality through a competitive environment, promoting independent decision-making in a small-sided game environment (e.g. 1v1, 2v1, 3v3, 4v3). Our pathway is centered with a long-term view, as we look to build Eastside players of the future. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What else can I do to help my child?
    We suggest the following: Please do not coach your child during tryouts. They are nervous enough and don't want to hear you yelling out instructions. Be on time. This will help both you and your child relax before the tryout begins. Work with the ball and start running a few weeks prior to tryouts. Any extra workout is beneficial. Dress properly for the tryout as well as the weather, including proper footwear, shin guards, and water. Attend as many of the tryout days as possible. Make sure your child is hydrated and have eaten properly before coming to tryouts.
  • What is the policy on playing time and will players have the chance to play different positions?
    Generally all players will play a minimum of 50% of every game. It does not make sense to pick players and then not play them. Playing time is done on merit and the only time we're playing time varies is during State Cup where emphasis shifts towards success and winning cups. The coach will work with the player to find the best position for them and the team.
  • How and when do we find out if my child has made a team?
    You and your player will be called within 24 to 48 hours of the final tryout by a coach with an offer for a team at Eastside. Players who do not make a team at Eastside FC will be notified via email.
  • Do I need to register and pay multiple times for my child to tryout for multiple teams, or if we are undecided what team they will tryout for?
    No. You only need to register and pay once regardless of what team or teams for which your child attends a tryout. Once players are registered at the correct age group, they are added to a master list and are eligible to attend any and all tryout sessions listed for their age group.
  • When are tryouts?
    For information on dates, times and locations of Eastside FC tryouts, please visit the Eastside FC Tryout page.
  • How many players are picked per team?
    Depending on the age group, teams can have 14 to 18 players per team. Our youngest age groups may have up to 10 players.
  • Does Eastside FC offer scholarships?
    Yes, Eastside FC offers financial aid to help cover the cost of registration. Families must apply prior to tryouts. The forms are located on the Tryouts page near the top.
  • Can my child play high school soccer?
    Yes. Most of our players at Eastside FC play high school soccer and our ECNL and RCL seasons accommodate the high school season.
  • Are there any other costs?
    Yes, as with all premier soccer teams, there are additional costs like uniforms, team-related fees, and travel costs. Please consult with a coach or current parent to get a better idea of total costs.
  • Are all practices at Preston Park?
    The majority of our teams train at Preston Park. Occasionally, Preston-based teams will use Bellevue College and Issaquah’s Central Park. Bellevue-based Eastside FC teams will train and play primarily at locations in the Bellevue School District. (e.g., Robinswood, Wilburton, Newport Hills, Hidden Valley, Tillicum MS, Highland MS, Odle MS, Bellevue HS, Sammamish HS, Interlake HS, Newport HS and Bellevue College).
  • How many days a week and how long are the trainings?
    Generally, our teams practice three days a week for an hour and a half for each session. Coaches can add and remove training sessions and alter training session durationat their discretion.
  • What is the registration cost to play at Eastside FC?
    The registration cost for Eastside FC is in line with all premier soccer clubs. This covers registration, coaching fees, and all Eastside FC field and club management for the entire year.
  • Who are the coaches?
    All of our teams, both Bellevue- and Preston-based, are coached by licensed professionals and have strong playing and coaching backgrounds. As the coaches are announced for the upcoming season, they will be posted on our Coaching Assignments page.
  • What if my child cannot make all or any of the tryouts?
    We like to see all kids at as many tryouts as possible but also realize that sometimes schedules do not work out. Please contact us and will get you in touch with the coach to discuss any conflicts.
  • What do the evaluators look for?
    We have some of the most experienced evaluators in the state and while they do a good job of seeing a player’s potential, sometimes kids get nervous. It is a good idea to encourage your child to be as relaxed and as active as possible so we can see more of them in a short time.
  • Can kids play sports or do other activities?
    Yes. They must communicate with their coach and effectively manage their schedule.
  • What should my child expect at tryouts?
    We try to make the kids as comfortable as possible. We do not spring any complicated drills on them; they simply play soccer.
  • How are the teams formed?
    Teams are formed based on ability, with the ECNL forming the top team in each age group from U13 and up. Red teams will form the top team in U11 and below, with White, Blue, and Grey teams formed, based on numbers.
  • Can we join at any time throughout one of the four-month sessions?
    Yes, players can be identified and invited into the program at any time throughout the year.
  • Can my son or daughter participate in other EFC programs or other sports while also taking part in the Emerging Talents Program?
    Yes! The Emerging Talents Program is intended to augment a player’s current programming choices. So whether you are playing another sport or also taking part in an existing EFC program such as Juniors, Friday Teks or a summer camp offering, the Emerging Talents program is meant to serve as additional training, not a replacement.
  • When and where are the training sessions?
    Training sessions will be held on Sunday afternoons / evenings at Preston Park. For each 4-month session, the full schedule will be communicated and published at the outset of the training period.
  • Is there potential for an EFC Emerging Talents player to be promoted into an EFC U8 RCL team?
    Yes, if EFC staff feels that the development of a player within the Emerging Talents Program would be best served by moving full-time into the U8 RCL program, the player(s) will be provided that option. Because there is some crossover between the programs, with current U8 RCL players also taking part in the Emerging Talents Program, there is ample opportunity to assess players’ development.
  • Can my son or daughter still participate in the Emerging Talents Program while playing for an EFC U8 RCL team?
    Yes! The Emerging Talents Program training sessions are scheduled to not conflict with U8 RCL training. In fact, we hope many U8 RCL players decide to take part and gain an extra day of differentiated training each week.
  • How does the evaluation process work for players not currently enrolled in an EFC program?
    If interested in the Emerging Talents Program but not currently taking part in any Eastside programming, players can contact the club for an evaluation. You will be directed to one of our currently operating programs where EFC staff will be able to assess the player for inclusion. Additionally, EFC staff can take players into the program for an evaluation upon recommendation from other coaches.
  • Do we have to commit to all the sessions in order to take part?
    No, there are no set rosters for the Emerging Talents Program, so players in the program can miss training sessions when there are schedule conflicts.
  • How do I register my team for the Eastside Cup?
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  • Will Bellevue-based Eastside FC players have access to other Eastside FC Promise Player Development Programming?
    Of course! Eastside FC Promise Player Development programming including Camps & Clinics, Juniors, and other offerings like Goalkeeping are available to all Eastside FC players, regardless of where they train.
  • Is there pathway from a Bellevue-based team to the ECNL?
    Yes! Players on RCL teams, whether they are based in Bellevue or Preston, are monitored by our coaching staff and may receive merit-based opportunities to train with a higher team. Many Eastside FC ECNL and ECNL RL players have moved up from RCL teams.
  • If I live in Bellevue, can I try out for a Preston-based Eastside FC team? Can current Preston-based Eastside FC players tryout for a Bellevue-based Eastside FC?
    Yes and yes. Eastside FC encourages families to choose the best opportunity and location for their player. Bear in mind, Preston-based Eastside FC will compete across multiple leagues including RCL, and the higher-level ECNL and ECNL-RL. Bellevue-based Eastside FC teams will compete exclusively in the RCL. We encourage players to try out for the Eastside FC team that best appeals to their goals and aspirations. Eastside FC will conduct joint tryouts for both locations. Please see our Tryout Page for more information.
  • What is the difference between a Preston-based RCL team, and a Bellevue-based RCL team?
    All Eastside FC premier teams (both Preston-based and Bellevue-based) that play in the RCL will be placed in the competitive division that best suits their needs. Each team will develop their own competitive record of accomplishment which will determine future league placement. All ECNL and ECNL-RL teams will train and play at Preston Park.
  • In what league do the Bellevue teams play?
    Bellevue-based teams play in Washington's RCL.
  • Where will the Bellevue-based Eastside FC teams train and play?
    Bellevue-based Eastside FC teams will train and play primarily at Bellevue College. This year there will be much more consistency in where teams train and play. When Belleuve College is not available, Bellevue-based teams will train and play at other convenient locations in and around Bellevue, including Robbinswood Park.
  • Are the costs and fees associated with Bellevue-based Eastside FC teams the same as the Preston-based Eastside FC teams?
    Yes. Fee structures will be consistent across all Eastside FC teams.
  • Why does Eastside FC have teams in Bellevue?
    Eastside FC has Bellevue-based teams to serve families who may not want to make the drive to Preston but want to have the full Eastside FC experience.
  • How many Bellevue-based Eastside FC teams are there?
    For the upcoming season, we will field a team at every age group from U8 to U19. In some instances, there may be two Bellevue-based teams at a particular age group. At this time, we will not be offering girls soccer in Bellevue. If and when demand increases on the girls side, we will add girls teams.
  • Will Eastside FC have any girls teams in Bellevue?
    At some point, yes. At this time, we are gauging demand and have determined that the player pool in Bellevue may not support girls teams in Bellevue. If you are interested in your daughter playing on a Bellevue team, please register for tryouts and select "Bellevue" for your preferred location. If there are not enough girls to field a team at a particular age group, we will kindly refund your tryout fee, or work with you to place your daughter on a Preston team, or at a partner club like Issaquah FC.
  • Will tryouts in Preston and Bellevue be on the same day and time?
    Yes. Tryouts for Bellevue-based Eastside FC teams will occur in Preston. See the full tryout schedule which includes dates, times and locations.

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Troy Letherman
Head Coach and Director, EMERGING TALENTS



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