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Thank you and good luck, Senior Boys!

Please join with the club to say farewell and good luck to our departing senior boys. Every February our older boys leave for their high school seasons with their next steps in life just on the horizon. This is an exciting time in their lives when many of them head off to college, sometimes leaving home for the first time. But, before they leave, we will give them a proper send-off at Preston Park. We have started a tradition where all the kids at training will form an “honor guard” tunnel, giving high fives and clapping them off the field one last time. Hopefully its not the final time as we encourage our alumni to come back and visit, possibly play for our U23 squad in the summer and, in some cases, join our coaching staff. We have many former EFC players on our staff and seeing them come full circle back to their club is very rewarding. Best wishes to the entire class of 2024 and THANK YOU for being a part of the history of Eastside FC!


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