Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts?
A: Please check the tryout page at www.eastsidefc.org/tryouts for your child's tryout date and time.

Q: What should my child expect at tryouts?
A: We try to make the kids as comfortable as possible. We do not spring any complicated drills on them...they simply play soccer.

Q: What do the evaluators look for?
A:  We have some of the most experienced evaluators in the state and while they do a good job of seeing a players potential when they are nervous, it is a good idea to encourage your child to be active we can see in a short time the better.

Q: How do we find out if my child has made a team?
A: You will be called within 24 to 48 hours of the final tryout by a coach with an offer for a team at Eastside. Players who do not make a team at Eastside FC will be notified via email.

Q: What if my child cannot make all or any of the tryouts?  
A: We like to see all kids at as many tryouts as possible but also realize that sometimes schedules do not work out. Please contact us and will get you in touch with the coach to discuss any conflicts.

Q: How many days a week and how long are the practices?
A: Generally our teams practice three days a week for an hour and a half for each session. Coaches can add training sessions at their discretion.

Q: Can kids play sports or do other activities?
A: Yes. They must communicate with their coach and effectively manage their schedule.

Q: Can my child play high school soccer?
A: Yes. Most of our players at Eastside FC play high school soccer and our ECNL and RCL seasons accommodate the high school season.

Q: Are all practices at Preston Park?
A: The majority of our training is at Preston Park. However we occasionally use Bellevue College for training and games.

Q: Who are the coaches?
A: All of our teams are coached by licensed professionals and have strong playing and coaching backgrounds. You can browse their profiles at eastsidefc.org.

Q: What is the registration cost to play at Eastside FC?
A: The registration cost for Eastside FC is in line with all premier soccer clubs and is around $2500. This covers registration, coaching fees, and all Eastside FC field and club management for the entire year.

Q: Are there any other costs?
A: Yes. Uniforms, other team-related fees, and travel costs are added expenses.

Q: Does Eastside FC offer scholarships?
A: Yes. You must apply prior to tryouts. The forms are located in the tryout registration process.

Q: How are the teams formed?
A: Teams are formed based on ability, with the ECNL forming the top team in each age group from U13 and up. Red teams will form the top team in U11 and below, with White, Blue, and Grey teams formed, based on numbers.

Q: How many players are picked per team?
A: Depending on the age group, teams can have 14 to 18 players per team. Our youngest age groups may have up to 10 players.

Q: What is the policy on playing time and will players have the chance to play different positions?
A: Generally all players will play a minimum of 50% of every game. It does not make sense to pick players and then not play them. Playing time is done on merit and the only time we're playing time varies is during State Cup where emphasis shifts towards success and winning cups. The coach will work with the player to find the best position for them and the team.

Q: What else can I do to help my child?
A: We suggest the following:

1. Please do not coach your child during tryouts. They are nervous enough and don't want to hear you yelling out instructions.

2. Be on time. This will help both you and your child relax before the tryout begins.

3. Work with the ball and start running a few weeks prior to tryouts. Any extra workout is beneficial.

4. Dress properly for the tryout as well as the weather, including proper footwear, shin guards, and water.

5. Attend as many of the tryout days as possible.

6. Make sure your child is hydrated and have eaten properly before coming to tryouts.