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Alumni Spotlight: Carlos Cortes Espinosa

Carlos is a Class of 2020 University of Washington graduate, currently working as a Paralegal in downtown Seattle while he studies for Law School. He is also the father of a cute and adventurous two year old daughter who makes sure he is on his toes at all times. When he is not at work or chasing his toddler around, he is at Preston as an Assistant coach for the Boys '07 Red and '06 White teams, learning more about coaching and the game as a whole.

Carlos joined Eastside FC back in 2010 going into 7th grade. During his first year, he played on the ‘97 Blue team with Coach An Nuon. He then worked his way onto the '97 White team two years later, coached by David Wharton, until 2016 when he graduated. Personally, he is proud of the fact that he was picked to be the captain of each of his EFC teams! “All of the coaches I worked with put their trust in me to lead the team and I will always greatly appreciate that. It grew a sense of confidence within me that I didn't know existed until my time at EFC and it just shows how the club grows its youth to become leaders on and off the field.”

Carlos is grateful to Eastside FC for doing an amazing job of selecting coaches who not only lead by example, but prepare players to lead themselves and others, on and off the field. It provided him with the necessary tools and a sense of belief in himself that has aided him in any obstacle that he has faced since first stepping foot at Preston. He will always cherish and be thankful to the club for connecting him with great teammates, who are now lifetime friends. His fondest memories at Eastside were because of who he made those memories with!

His advice for current players is to not stress the little things. When one starts to overthink, it only leads to mistakes on the field, frustration, and suddenly the game loses its purpose. He always found that remembering to stay loose, have fun, and play with a smile on his face allowed him to play his best, but also encouraged others to let loose and just play the game they all loved. Playing soccer at a high level can be stressful and overwhelming, but if you can change your mentality from "everything has to be perfect" to "it's not perfect yet, but I am happy to keep working on my craft while making sure I'm having fun", he promises the game will keep you coming back for more! Live in the moment and always keep in mind how it felt when you first became obsessed with the sport. Then just remember to play with that feeling each time you step on the field!

“Eastside FC was a home away from home when I was a player, and it continues to be as I go down the coaching path this time around.”


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