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Sean Rash



Head Coach, Goalkeeping Coach

G11 White

G12 White

Redmond, WA


Sean was born in Redmond, WA and played for Eastside FC for more than ten years. He also played for Redmond High School and then for the University of San Diego’s club soccer team where he assumed the role of president. Sean was a goalkeeper coach for the ISC Gunners and has been a goalkeeper coach at Eastside for the last year before he was awarded his own team. 

As a goalkeeper, Sean was always told he needed to be the coach on the field. This is where his drive and passion to learn about soccer began. Whenever he could, he wanted to learn more about the game to help his teams perform on the field. He has always loved watching soccer and spends most of his weekends watching professional games or one of our many Eastside teams. 

Sean’s coaching philosophy revolves around trying to keep the game simple. Everyone should know what their role is on the field, and every action we take is not for ourselves but for the team. Sean always tries to remain positive and energetic on the field as he feels that brings the best out of players and helps them enjoy the game. 

Sean is a triplet and also has an older brother. Sean recently graduated from the University of San Diego with a double major in Business Administration and Accounting and a minor in Psychology. Away from Eastside FC, Sean can be found cheering on Arsenal and the various Seattle teams. 

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