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Alumni Spotlight: Makaylie Moore

Makaylie Moore epitomizes the truth that being a great person first fuels athletic success. She is one of the very few who have earned both a Youth National Championship at Eastside and the opportunity to compete in a National Championship game at the D1 level. Repeat success like this is no accident. It comes on the back of diligent daily work, of being a great teammate, and demanding the best of yourself no matter the situation. Today, Makaylie is coaching in Utah, passing on the lessons she learned to the next generation. Her advice is direct and straightforward; the magic being whether you can implement the same rigor into your own developmental path.

EFC: Tell us about what you are currently doing?

MM: I currently coach three girls’ premier soccer teams at a club in Utah, Utah Celtic. I am a director at Celtic FC and an assistant coach at Salt Lake Community College.

EFC: When did you join Eastside and what team were you on?

MM: I joined Eastside when I was 12 and played for Michelle French and then Tom Bialek on the 1998 Red team.

EFC: What were some team and personal accomplishments during your time at EFC?

MM: My EFC team won a USYSA National Championship in 2013 and achieved 3rd place in 2014. We were a 2-time Region IV champion and 4-time State Champion. I was team captain for six years and a Region IV ODP finalist in 2013 and 2015.

EFC: Share a favorite memory from your time at EFC?

MM: My most favorite memory at EFC was winning a National Championship. It was so fun to see all our hard work pay off. Another one of my favorite memories was scoring off a diving header the year we took 3rd at Nationals.

EFC: Tell us about your experience playing collegiate soccer.

MM: The highlight from playing at BYU was my senior year when we were the first BYU team to make it to the National Championship game and I scored 2 goals in the elite 8 game that same year. While at BYU we won the West Coast Conference title 3 times and made 4 NCAA tournament appearances. I was also a three-time WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention. I loved being able to meet new people and continue to challenge myself on the field and in the classroom.

EFC: How did EFC help prepare you for college and life beyond?

MM: EFC taught me many great life skills that helped me succeed in playing college soccer and prepared me for my life now. I learned how to work hard, be part of a team, create goals, treat people with respect, and so much more. EFC truly helped me not only become a good player, but a good person.

EFC: Did you learn anything impactful about balance and rest over the course of your athletic career?

MM: Rest days were very important in my time playing! I had to make sure I was listening to my body so I didn't make little injuries worse by trying to push through them. I always had at least 1-2 days off from everything to let my body recover.

EFC: What ​advice would you ​give to our current Eastside players?

MM: Listen to your coaches. EFC has amazing coaches and they are really looking out for you! Do the work on your own, that is what takes you to the next level. Also don’t be afraid to make mistakes, great players take chances and have confidence.


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