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Alumni Spotlight: Ke'ala Louie

Above: Ke'ala is pictured in the middle row, farthest right.

Even as a young player, Ke’ala Louie epitomized what being a Champion in Life is all about. Her inclusive attitude, high energy, and willingness to do what it takes for the team to succeed define her both on and off the field. A relentless optimist and committed teammate, Ke’ala always impacted team culture in a positive way.

Ke’ala joined Eastside when she was 13, playing on the ’96 White team for Emily Cole. Ke’ala was a big part of that team’s success, contributing to many tournament wins, two State Championships, and Region IV Presidents Cup finalist honors twice. In addition, Ke’ala’s Skyline High School team was KingCo tournament champions and earned 3rd place in state. Regardless of all that success, what Ke’ala is most proud of during her time at Eastside is running a fundraiser to raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Her leadership and efforts helped raise over two thousand dollars as well as set an example for how to use your influence and time for good.

Above: Ke'ala is pictured in the front row, farthest to the right.

A favorite memory while playing for Eastside was a team training in which everyone wore their respective high school uniforms. It was fun to see the rivalries and competition among teammates and friends! Ke’ala always brought that spirit to the team - the careful balance of fun mixed with strong competitiveness and a desire to excel!

Above: Ke'ala is pictured just left of the balloon in the middle row.

Ke’ala received her bachelor’s in business management from the University of San Diego. Although she did not play soccer at the collegiate level, she does credit Eastside for helping prepare her for life beyond soccer. In Ke’ala’s words, “We were taught how to work as a team and learned how to communicate with each other in effective ways. We learned how to have fun while being competitive and doing something you love!”

Above: Ke'ala is pictured in the top row, farthest left.

Today, Ke’ala is a Program Manager at Microsoft, bringing the same lessons she learned on the field into her professional life. She continues to find the balance between pushing to excel and enjoying the process. When asked what advice she would share with our current Eastside players, Ke’ala suggests to “always have fun! Games can get competitive and life can get tough, but remember to make sure you’re always having fun.” Such great words to reflect on as we engage in this often-intense world of youth sports and life beyond. Maintaining a sense of lightheartedness and connection to those around us will surely create meaningful experiences on and off the field.


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