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Your player has been selected from a talented group to be a part of Eastside FC for the 2024/2025 season. 


We ask that you register your player within 24 hours. We have changed our player registration and billing platform from TeamSnap to TGS and have been given a walk-through guide to help you in during the process of registration. You can find it below.

Whether your player is returning or is new to the club, we thank you for choosing Eastside FC.

Chance Fry
Executive Director

Eastside FC

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Registering Your Player With TGS

The first step in registering your player at Eastside FC is to create (or log into) a TGS parent account. Once your parent account has been created, you will add your player to your account and then register them to Eastside FC using program code 5100


What you'll need:

Step 1:

NOTE: A parent cannot share the same email address as a player in the TGS system due to the college recruiting connection and how the messaging works. See the TGS Parent Portal Guide for more information on existing accounts.

Step 2:

Add your player to your parent account.

Step 3:

Register your player for Eastside FC using code 5100


2024/2025 Player Fees

     Fee:  Birth Year
$3,200:  2006-2015

$2,000:  2016 and 2017


Four Payment Options

Pay the entire amount at the time of registration...

1. Check (No fees apply)

Complete the TGS registration up until the checkout page and STOP. Mail in your payment and when it is processed, we will complete your player's registration for you:

Eastside FC

P.O. Box 284

Preston, WA 98050

2. Credit card (Fees apply)

Or choose a credit card payment plan...

3. $3,200 payment plan for birth years 2006-2015 (Fees apply)

Plan consists of $1,000 down at registration plus five equal payments of $440 starting August, 1 2024

4. $2,000 payment plan for birth years 2016 and 2017 (Fees apply)

Plan consists of $1,000 down at registration plus five equal payments of $200 starting August, 1 2024


Financial Assistance / Scholarships

If you would like to apply for Financial Aid, please fill out our Scholarship Application and mail it to Eastside FC PRIOR to completing registration.


Eastside FC
P.O. Box 284
Preston, WA 98008



Travel expenses are not included in the club membership fee. They vary from team to team and include both team and personal expenses. Team travel costs include the coach’s travel expenses, team social functions, and tournament entry costs. They are managed directly by the team, paid to the team treasurer and are driven by the number of tournaments a team enters. Typically, a team might enter 3-4 events per year, some of which may be out of town. Personal travel expenses associated with overnight travel to regional or national destinations should be expected and vary based on location and transportation.



All EFC players are required to purchase Adidas uniform kits which consist of home and away game kits including jerseys, shorts and socks; an EFC warm up jacket and pants; and practice uniforms. Uniforms are purchased every two years through our uniform fulfillment vendor The current cost is approximately $400. 2024 is a uniform purchase year and it is mandatory for all players to purchase the entire required game and training kit. There are also optional items to purchase if you wish.


Additional Questions?

For any financial questions regarding team fees, payment plans or scholarship information, please email Belinda Billington at


All additional questions regarding team placement and registration can be directed to the club registrar, Jen Shepherd at 

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