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Sean Rash: Alumnus, Coaching Intern and CK trainer

Sean Rash is an Eastside FC Alumni who recently graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in Accounting and a minor in Psychology. We are thrilled that Sean has found his way back to Eastside as a coaching intern and GK trainer. Sean has incredible enthusiasm for the game and is driven to grow his coaching skillset. We sat down with Sean to hear more about his Eastside experience and how it helped form him into a Champion in Life.

EFC: Tell us about what you are currently doing?

SR: I just graduated college and am now helping out with the EFC goalkeeper program both at Preston and Eastside Bellevue. I am also starting to help out with the accounting for my parents' business.

EFC: What age did you join Eastside FC and what team were you on?

SR:I joined Eastside in 2008, playing for Jake Savette on the U8 Grey team. Over the years, I also played for Kyle Tatro, Mark Kovats, David Wharton, and Milan Ivanovic.

EFC: What were some team and personal accomplishments during your time at EFC?

SR:We were State Champions twice! The second time, the final was my first time back on the field following a long recovery from a torn meniscus. I was able to save a penalty in that final match for the win. Also, in my junior year at Redmond High School, we finished 3rd in the State tournament.

EFC: Please share a favorite memory or two from your time at EFC.

SR:A lot of my favorite memories from Eastside come from the coaches and players within the GK program. I also really enjoyed our traveling tournaments especially to San Diego and Bend.

EFC: What was the highlight of playing college soccer and what did you enjoy most about it?

SR:I played for the University of San Diego Club soccer team and am beyond grateful for that experience. Although I didn't play for an NCAA affiliated team, the connections I was able to build and opportunities to continue to play at a high level were great. I was fortunate enough to be the captain for a year and half and run the club.

EFC: How did EFC help prepare you for college and life beyond?

SR:Having the support of different coaches at the club and my teammates was the best preparation for moving on. As players, we were all going through that experience together even though we were headed to different places with different concerns like moving out of state, where we were going to play, who we would meet etc.

EFC: Did you learn anything impactful about balance and rest over the course of your athletic career? How has this affected your life and success?

SR:I learned the most about balance over my career and it really revolves around all aspects of life. You have to balance your time and you should only commit time and effort into something you truly enjoy doing. or if it takes you to a path that is your passion. Forcing effort and time into activities only leads to burnout and exhaustion.

EFC: What advice would you give to our current Eastside players?

SR:For the future, do whatever leads you to continue enjoyment of the game. Whether that is getting recruited and playing in college, playing for many of the great club programs at colleges, or just pick up games on weekends. Do whatever leads you to continued happiness for the sport of soccer.

Such sound wisdom, well-earned and articulated! We are proud to announce that Sean just obtained his USSF grassroots 9v9 and 11v11 coaching certificates and is pursuing his USSF D coaching license. We are lucky to have Sean back at Eastside, growing as a coach and sharing his love of the game.


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