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Xinho Prestes


Anderson 'Xinho'

Head Coach


Director of Coaching, U8-U12

Director of Programming

Sao Roque, Brazil


Given the nickname Xinho (SHEEN-yo) at a young age, Anderson Prestes was raised in Sao Roque, Brazil, a small town located about an hour drive from Sao Paulo. As a youngster in Brazil, his love affair with soccer (futebol) was immediate and impactful. For Xinho, soccer defined who he became as a person on and off the pitch. Growing up playing at the local youth soccer and futsal clubs in his home city, he quickly realized that he wanted to make the sport not only into a hobby but an actual profession. With hard work and dedication, he was able to play at a very high level and he reached his ultimate goal of becoming a professional soccer player. Xinho played for two main clubs during his career: Coringa Futsal and Clube Atletico Paulistano. Xinho played for two years professionally before hanging up the cleats and pursuing a different path in life, coaching. 

After retiring from playing at age twenty-three, coaching was a very natural transition for him even though it wasn’t something he had dreamed. Through soccer, he learned valuable lessons that he continues to apply daily in coaching and also in life. Being able to share all of the great values he’s learned over the years with new generations of young players is incredibly rewarding for Xinho. He loves coaching as much as he loved playing, if not more. That passion keeps him going, and he’s always working to be the best coach he can be in order to impact every single player he has the chance to coach. 

Xinho’s coaching philosophy is to create, build and support passion, which drives players to train harder, to learn new skills, and to have increased confidence on the pitch. Xinho is completely invested in every player’s developmental path, and aims to help each player to be the best they can be on and off the pitch. He places a heavy emphasis on an attacking style of play which leverages creativity and an intelligent possession of the ball.

Xinho holds a USSF National B License and has been Eastside FC’s Zone 1 Director since 2015. 

Xinho moved to Seattle in 2007 and makes his home in Sammamish, WA with his wonderful wife Tayna and their beloved dog, Fred. Xinho and Tayna are from the same Brazilian city which makes living in America an everyday adventure–both exciting and challenging. Xinho’s fourth love (behind Tayna, Fred and soccer) is Formula 1 racing.

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