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Mario Martinez



Head Coach

B06/07 White

B11 Blue

Monterrey, Mexico


I grew up in Monterrey, N.L. (Mexico) playing in the streets with neighbouring friends. After the World Cup in Mexico 70 my interest increased and I started playing in organized teams. Invited by Ubirajara Chagas Tamega "Bira" (formal professional player of the F.C. Monterrey and at that point in charge of coaching the young players) to join the reserves of the professional team F.C. Monterrey in 1976. I admired "Bira" as I was already attending the Professional home matches since 1968 and it was a privilege to meet him and had the opportunity to talk to him in person. That momentous experience made me realize that even when you are not actively playing any more you can make a remarkable change in the life of the younger generation of players.

Back in 2004 my interest in coaching soccer gradually intensified as my son wanted to play more competitively. That year I was awarded with "E" and "D" National License and started volunteering in Select Level as a head coach in a local club. Following with my interest in improving my credentials, I was awarded in 2010 with a "C" License.

I have been married to Claudia Martínez for 29 years. Our son Mauricio Gabriel Martínez is 28.

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