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Kelvin Galvez



Head Coach

B08 White



Paita, Peru


Kelvin Galvez was born and raised in Peru and moved to the United States almost 17 years ago. He grew up playing soccer in the streets, fields and beaches of the port of Paita, Peru. He played at the high school, college and semi-pro level in his hometown.

Even though he studied Business Administration in Peru, Kelvin discovered his passion for coaching after taking his stepson to a local soccer program. He realized at that moment that he could share his knowledge, passion and love for the sport with the younger ones.

One of his first coaching courses was a 2009 soccer clinic at University of Washington with coach Dean Wurzberger, and Dick Bate, a great English soccer coaching educator. He started his coaching journey and education in the Spanish city of Barcelona, coaching for a short period overseas, meeting and learning from people from different parts of the world, different cultures, languages, and experience the game from the side lines at different levels. A student of the game, Kelvin continues learning and is always looking to improve as his experience grows and as the sport evolves.

Kelvin has one daughter, Kiyari, her name is a Quechua name (language of the Incas) and it means Moonlight. Off the field, Kelvin likes to play guitar, hiking and mountaineering, landscape photography, and of course playing soccer when he has the time.

Kelvin grew up swimming and surfing on the beaches of Peru, but nowadays he's traded the Peruvian beaches for the trails and mountains in the Pacific Northwest. His favorite teams are Real Madrid (Spain), and Universitario (Peru).

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