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Kelvin Galvez


Head Coach

B08 White, G08 White



Paita, Peru

My name is Kelvin Galvez, I was born and raised in Peru and moved to the United States almost 13 years ago. I grew up playing soccer in the streets, fields and beaches of the port of Paita, Peru. I played at the high school, college and semi-pro level in my hometown.

Even though I studied Business Administration in Peru, I discovered my passion for coaching after taking my stepson to a local soccer program, I realized at that moment that I could share my knowledge, passion and love for the sport with the younger ones. One of my first coaching courses was a soccer clinic at University of Washington with coach Dean Wurzberger, and Dick Bate, a great English soccer coaching educator back in 2009. Since then I started my coaching journey and education, which has taken me to study the game and live in the city of Barcelona, coaching for a short period overseas, meet and learn from people from different parts of the world, different cultures, and languages, and experience the game from the side lines at different levels. A student of the game, I continue learning and always looking to improve and get better, as the sport evolves.

My wife’s name is Claudia, she’s also from same hometown in Peru. I have one daughter, her name is Kiyari, her name is a Quechua name (language of the Incas) and it means Moonlight, my stepson’s name is Tristan and my chocolate lab’s name is Biscuit. I like to play guitar and of course playing soccer when I have the time. Grew up in a port/beach town, so I enjoyed swimming and surfing back in the day, not so much in the Pacific north west. My favorite teams are Real Madrid (Spain), and Universitario (Peru).

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