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Kelli Anderson


Head Coach

G13 Blue, G14 White



Renton, WA

Kelli grew up in the Renton- Highlands. Played for GRFC (Greater Renton FootballClub) from third grade to the beginning of high school. She moved to Eastside FC her sophomore year when GRFC turned into PAC, she then played for Mark Kovats for a year and then finished out her senior year on Porter Lombards Red team. Kelli went to Liberty High School and always loved getting to play against her club friends. Her favorite tournament growing up with Surf Cup. Part of the reason Kelli really liked Eastside was because of how accepting they were of kids who played multiple sports and viewed it as beneficial. She remembers having coaches who would be upset that she had other sports she wanted to experience.

Kelli is very grateful to have played for Eastside and to have travelled for showcases and tournaments. To this day she is still in contact/friends with old teammates and they even play adult soccer together.Kelli hopes to become a coach who helps create such amazing memories and to positively impact kids' lives. Kelli gets so excited to think about coaching kids who love the sport as much as she does, and can’t wait to keep the sportFUN, while working hard. Kelli is currently coaching her 2nd year of C-team soccer at LWHS! She is just getting started with her coaching courses.

Kelli graduated from WSU in the spring of 2020 with a Human Development degree. She is working on her Masters in Teaching, and is currently working in Merchandise AP at Nordstrom. Pre-covid she loved traveling, and attending concerts! Kelli plays adult co-ed soccer with her friends at least once a week if not more. Kelli has the most amazing little nieces/nephews that she loves hang out with.Kelli lives in Seattle and loves attending Sounders games and finding new restaurants/coffee shops to try. Kelli is a huge Survivor fan who hopes to make it on the show one day.

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