"With World-Class facilities, a caring professional staff, and programs for all levels and ages, Eastside FC is the ideal place for players to truly play their best soccer."


Established in 1970, Eastside Football Club is a premier soccer club of more than 70 teams competing at the highest level in Washington, across the region and throughout the United States. Our success on the field speaks for itself as Eastside FC continues to win Washington State championships and produce collegiate level, national team and professional players.

More importantly, Eastside FC is committed to developing young men and women of character. Building Champions in Life is our primary value. We build players on and off the field to be successful in their future endeavors. Building Champions in Life permeates into everything we do and Eastside FC’s long-running success can be attributed to caring and dedicated and professional coaches, a highly structured curriculum for player development and best-in-class facilities.

World-Class Facilities

Our experience at Eastside begins with where we train, play our matches, and gather together. We are the only club in the Northwest that has our own outdoor fields, Futsal court, and administrative facilities in one location. The Fields at Preston Park feature 5 turf fields of various sizes. Located next to the Preston Park, The Hub at Eastside FC features our Futsal Court and administrative offices.

The Best Coaches in the Business

Eastside's coaching staff are licensed professionals dedicated to their craft, many of them with the highest credentials US and European organizations offer. Because the coaches are excellent, the training is excellent. But that is just the beginning. Our coaches also have to fit well within our mission of "Building Champions in Life." Our coaches have a significant interest in building people as well as players.  At Eastside FC, we have the reputation and history of producing many of the best coaches in Washington and beyond. Many of our current and past coaches have won National Championships, coach on the collegiate level, as well as Internationally.

Comprehensive Programs

Many clubs talk about premier soccer. In Washington, there is only one program that offers a true year-round, premier-level experience. It is called the Regional Club League, or RCL. The 18 best clubs in Washington participate in the RCL, which provides the highest level of local competition available. Eastside FC also offers National-level programming in the Elite Clubs National League or ECNL where our teams play against some of the best clubs in the Nation.