Zone 1 Director

Futsal Director

My name is Anderson Prestes but almost everyone knows me by my nickname: Xinho.

Born and raised in Sao Roque a small town located about an hour drive from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Moved to Seattle in 2007 and have been living here since then.


As a good young boy in Brazil, felt in love with soccer (futebol) from the very second I had my first contact with a soccer ball. From then until now I can freely say that this sport defines who I am as a person on and off the fields.


Grew up playing at the local youth Soccer and Futsal clubs in my home city and quickly realized that I wanted to make the sport not only a hobby but an actual profession, so with a lot of hard work and dedication I was able to play at the highest level possible until reaching my biggest goal of being a professional soccer player.


The two main clubs of my career were Coringa Futsal. A Futsal Club which I kept on playing for even after retired from the soccer game. And Clube Atletico Paulistano, which I played for 2 years professionaly before deciding to hang the cleats and pursuit a different path in life.


To be honest, I Never thought I would become a soccer coach one day, but after retiring from the playing career at age of 23, it was a very natural transition. Through soccer I learned my most valuable lessons that I continue to apply on my daily life routine. Being able to share all of the great values I learnt over the years with the new generations of young players is just so rewarding. I love being a coach as much as I loved the game when I was a player and that passion keeps me going, always working to be the best I can be, so I can positively impact every single player I have the chance of working with.


Coaching Philosophy: My philosophy in teaching soccer is to create, build and support a passion in each player that will drive him or her to train harder, to learn new skills, and have increased confidence on the field. Consequently, living and training for the moments that make the game exciting (fun) will build and create (more of) a passion for soccer. I am completely invested in every player path of development, helping each of them to be the best they can be on and off the fields. Always working with my teams to play an attacking style soccer using creativity and smart possession as the main tools to achieve the desired success and have the best opportunities to develop to the highest levels.





Coaching License: USSF National B License


Eastside Football Club – Zone 1 Director (Boys and Girls U9-U12) 2015 to present


Eastside Football Club – Futsal Director – 2017 to present


Youth Coaching Experience: 2009 to present: Eastside Football Club, Head Coach


  • Eastside FC G06 Pre-Academy 2018 Girls U13 Northwest Conference Champions

  • Eastside FC G03 Red 2018 Girls U15 State Cup Champions

  • Eastside FC G03 Red 2017 Girls U14 State Cup Champions

  • Eastside FC G06 Red 2016 Girls U11 Albion Cup Champions

  • Eastside FC G06 Red 2016 Girls U10 President’s Cup (State Cup) Champions

  • Eastside FC G03 Red 2015 Girls U11 President’s Cup (State Cup) Champions

  • Eastside FC G03 Red 2015 Girls U11 NWCL Champions

  • Eastside FC G03 Red 2015 Girls U11 Surf Cup Finalist

  • Eastside FC B02 Red 2014 Boys U12 FWRL CHAMPIONS

  • Eastside FC B95 White 2013 Boys U17 Challenge Cup (State Cup) Champions

  • Eastside FC B95 White 2011 Boys U15 Challenge Cup (State Cup) CHAMPIONS

  • Eastside FC B98 Blue 2011 Boys U12 Challenge Cup (State Cup) Semi-Finalist

  • Eastside FC B95 White 2010 Boys U14 Challenge Cup (State Cup) Semi-Finalist


US Youth Soccer Regionals Qualification:


  • 2019 Girls 06 PA – U13

  • 2018 Girls 03 Red – U15

  • 2018 Girls 06 Red – U12

  • 2017 Girls 03 Red – U14

  • 2016 Girls 03 Red – U12

  • 2014 Boys 02 Red – U12

  • 2013 Boys 95 White – U17

  • 2011 Boys 95 White – U15


2002 to 2007: Club: Gremio U. Sanroquense, Sao Roque – SP, Brazil.

Head Coach and Director of Youth Program (U6 to U18)


2003 to 2007: Club: City’s Sports Department of Sao Roque – SP, Brazil,

Manager of Girls City Futsal Team


2002 to 2003: Club: Franchise of SC Corinthians Paulista (Brazil)

Coach of U6 to U15 program




Now a days I live in Sammamish, WA with my wonderful wife Tayna and our two dogs, Tazo and Fred. We truly enjoy spending as much time together as possible, including of course our two dogs who pretty much dictated what our routine will look like J


Tayna and I came from the same city in Brazil so living here in America is an everyday adventure for us which makes our lives way more challenging and exciting at the same time.


Besides soccer I also really enjoy Formula 1 car racing and you probably can see me often showing my driving skills at the local go cart franchise pretending being Airton Senna on a rainy circuit.

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PO BOX 284 PRESTON WA 98050 (425) 441-8180