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You likely have noticed cameras popping up on the sideline of your game and all around Preston Park.  This past summer we began our full club partnership with Trace to help elevate our player, team and coach development.

The advantages of capturing consistent match film via Trace include:

  • Automated Filming - although there is a brief set up and take down, parent volunteers can enjoy the match, or view it later if they are unable to attend the game.

  • Automated Highlights - the full game, important match moments and each individual player moments are captured and shared shortly after a match is uploaded.

  • Objective Analysis - game film allows players, coaches (and parents) to see exactly what occurred during a game, minus any biases or subjective memories.

  • Visual Learning - getting feedback visually speeds up learning and adds a better understanding to insights given verbally alone.

  • A Consistent Feedback Loop - regular game film, analyses and feedback allow for on-going development conversations promoting continuous improvement.

  • Technical and Tactical Development - film can provide feedback on strengths and growth areas for players and teams whether it be skill and/or strategy-based, tailored to age and level.

  • Promoting Self-Analysis - whether it be finding highlights or things being worked on in practice for younger ages or a deeper analysis of specific strengths and weaknesses, game film promotes engagement and more self-awareness.

  • Efficient Sharing and Collaboration - with easy sharing of clips and playlists, coaches can highlight specific moments and share them with their players and teams.  Players can share with family, friends, or even college coaches for recruiting.

  • Remote Learning Friendly - in scenarios where in-person coaching may be limited, match film on the Trace platform allows for easy sharing and feedback.

  • Coach Development and Collaboration - all the above are also true for coach development at the club level as well as coaches sharing ideas with each other.

So, look forward to seeing match film incorporated into current and future player self-assessments, formal and informal player reviews and monthly team film sessions!

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