Hometown: auckland, new zealand

I was born in New Zealand to English parents and was raised in California, England, and New Zealand.  Living in different cultures opened my eyes to the world, and ultimately the world’s game!  From a young age I went to games with my father and learned to love the intricacies, the excitement, and strategies that make our sport so fascinating.  I played for many years and started my coaching journey when I initially coached my sons’ teams.  I fell in love with coaching and have advanced my knowledge over the years so I can help players become better individually, as teammates, and as young people.  

My philosophy is to develop players to be excellent from a technical and tactical standpoint and to integrate their abilities into a competitive team environment.  I am a strong believer in positive reinforcement, guided discovery, and sharing my passion for soccer, which ultimately rubs off on my players.  My goal for each player is he/she is technically sound, can make decisions quickly in pressure situations, play for the team, and have a positive self-belief.  I am someone who loves to teach, and ultimately understands my role in shaping each player to be a champion on the field and in life!  

I am married to Shelly; have two sons, Darren and Duncan; two dogs, Hannah and George; and a cat they love to chase, Tigger! My hobbies are (you guessed it) soccer and travel.  Favorite teams are Sounders, Crystal Palace (an unsuccessful team in the English Premier League), and the Colorado Buffalos football team!