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Champions in Life

Congratulations to our outgoing seniors. We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far and are looking forward to seeing you all become Champions in Life! 

Graduating Boys

2003/2004 ECNL

Cameron Yiriondo, playing at SPU

Andrew Myerson, playing at Barca Academy, then Duke

Luke Hammond, playing at SU

Tyler Allred, playing at UC Davis

Isaac Ketcham, playing at SPU

Nic Isensee, playing at Chapman

Andrew Wilburt, playing at St. Bonaventure

Benjamin Martin, playing at Pacific University

Elliot Spatz, playing at Conneticut College

Evan Wellerstein, playing at UCSD

Ali Alzeer, playing at Western Oregon           

Mitchell Wilson, attending Bellevue College

Ronit Dasgupta, attending University of Washington 

Ryan Halstrom, playing for EFC 05

Tiger Shinoda, playing for Northeastern

Logan Calpito, attending Arizona State University

2003/2004 Red
Remy Frederick,
attending Seattle University

Jacob Morgan, attending Cal Poly State University

Charlie Jordan, playing at Montana St - Billings

Hawkins Sanborn, attending Cal Poly State University

Nathan Evans, attending University of Washington

Cody Kovats, attending University of Arizona

Ryan Penz, attending University of Utah

Jubril Olaniran, attending University of Texas

Dylan James, playing at Walla Walla CC

Mateo Cabrera-Gil, TBD

Ryan Bendt, attending Marquette University

Charles Hanson, attending Arizona State University

Lucas Hou, attending University of Chicago

Ole Offenbach, attending Santa Clara University

Hayden Walters, TBD

Brady Gilroy, attending University of Washington

2003/2004 Red

Ryan Chang, attending University of Washington

Joshua Dwight, gap year then heading overseas to play soccer

Edmund Justus, gap year then Wheaton College

Jason Lu, attending Northeastern University

Grayson Lund, attending Bellevue College

Sam Michotte, playing football at West Hills College, CA.

Sam Roy, attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Graduating Girls

2003/2004 ECNL

Ashley Kirschner, playing at Yale

Ava Uribe, playing at Penn ST

Avery Libed, playing at Tarleton

Catherine Lewison, playing at Harvey Mudd

Kayla Smith, playing at Illinois Institute Technology

Lauren Chin, playing at Gonzaga

Madelyn Davidson, attending SEU

Mia Ammons, attending WSU

Nalani Young, playing at Chapman College                   

Natalie McCabe, attending University of Portland

Olivia Vidal, attending Santa Clara

Madison Wirtala, attending Baylor University    

2004 Red

Abigail Hubbard, attending Air Force Academy

Anika Patel, playing at Whitman College 

Annika Daniel, playing at South Carolina State University

Carmen Young, attending University of Washington

Elizabeth Lindley, attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Julia Hansen, attending Reed College

Kaisa Olson, attending St Olaf College

Kira Apodaca, attending Pomona College

Mimi Pietila, attending NYU

Olivia Johnsrud, playing at Western Oregon University 

2004 White

Addison Zamudio, attending Scripps College

Ava Bede, attending Scripps College

Emma Stacy, TBD

Gabriela Denny, attending Chapman University

Kaitlyn LaMoria, attending Santa Clara University

Leah Peterson, attending University of Washington

Liv Talerman, attending Northeastern University

Madison White, attending University of Colorado Boulder

Megan Gray, attending University of Montana

Taylor Currier, playing at Trine University

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