Online Training Center

In March of 2020, COVID-19 changed everything. Or way of life was completely altered. In order to meet our players' training needs, Eastside FC developed a comprehensive online training program to enhance everyone's technical abilities, no matter what age or skill level they are.



Dear Eastside Players and Parents,  

We want to reiterate the support we have for the governor's social distancing policies.  It is an unprecedented time which requires us to all do our part in slowing the spread of the virus.  All of the suggested content can be done in isolation, with a player and their ball.  

Elementary schools and other facilities with a wall can be ideal for the passing and receiving drills provided there are not large groups there.  If a wall cannot be accessed, then we suggest spending more time on the moves and juggling.

Please take the time to read through the different workout category descriptions.  We advise that players master the simpler movements, be it in juggling or dribbling or passing and receiving, before trying the more advanced drills.  There is a progression available to all players, of all levels, which can really refine the technical base of ball skills.

The schedule provides for 3 full training regiments outlined in the daily training matrixes.   However, it must be noted, the more you touch a ball in a disciplined purposeful way, the quicker you will see progress.  So, taking the extra 10-15-60 minutes of practice every day is a great idea.  This is a fun opportunity to “earn your confidence!”



The Online Training Center has full sessions for players looking for an hour or training time. Click HERE for the sessions.


All of the dribbling moves, and ball touch drills, are intended to refine the player’s ability to manipulate the ball to their will.  Confidence on the ball is earned, and is available to all players. Sessions available:
Ball Mastery: La Croqueta
Ball Mastery: 1000 Touches
Ball Mastery: Beginner
Ball Mastery: Intermediate
Ball Mastery: Advanced
Dribbling: Beginner
Dribbling: Intermediate
Dribbling: Advanced
Dribbling at a Defender


The wall is your perfect passing partner, who will always give you exactly the same pass it received.  When you get a great pass back from the wall, you are doing it right! Click HERE for Passing and Receiving Exercises.


Juggling hones the players ability to master the movement of the ball, using all legal surfaces of the body. Ball control is a critical foundational skill which allows for tactical player development (decision making).
Juggling: Beginner
Juggling: Intermediate
Juggling: Advanced


Every workout should have a thorough warm up period with stretching, a high intensity phase, and then a cool down period which ends with stretching.
Fitness Sessions


Work on a complete goalkeeping session hosted by EFC goalkeeping coach Tom Bunnell and his staff.
Goalkeeping Sessions