Eastside FC Return to Play Documents:

Updated July 1,, 2021:

Eastside FC, in compliance with the CDC and the governor's office has opened up Preston Park and will no longer require masks at outdoor events for vaccinated individuals. Travel policies remain in effect. When traveling, fully-vaccinated players are able to travel as a team with chaperones. Players that are not fully vaccinated will still need to travel separately with their families and self-quarantine for 7 days upon return home.

Updated March 22, 2021:

Governor Inslee recently announced that all regions will be moving to Phase 3 on March 22. For more information on the Roadmap to Recovery, see the original announcement. Updated sporting guidelines were released on March 22.

  • Indoor and outdoor training, practices and competitions allowed for soccer, with universal mask requirements for all participants including athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers and spectators unless subject to specific exceptions detailed in this document. See below for specific requirements for facial coverings.
  • All outdoor sports spectators subject to current Healthy Washington guidelines on Spectators.
  • For outdoor competitions without permanent seating; facilities or complexes with more than one field or area of play are allowed a maximum of 150 people per field or area of play, including spectators.
  • All indoor sports spectators subject to 50% capacity or 400-person maximum per room, whichever is lower, all participants including athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers and spectators are to be included in calculating the 400-person maximum. Facilities larger than 100,000 square feet allowed 50% capacity or 600 per room, whichever is lower, and all participants including athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers and spectators are to be included in
    calculating the 600 person maximum. Spectator groups from 1-10 people allowed in all facilities, but all spectator groups must maintain 6 feet of distance from other spectator groups. For K-12 school sporting activities no concession sales allowed. For non-K-12 indoor sporting activities spectators only allowed to remove their facial coverings when in their seats and actively eating and drinking.
  • Use of locker rooms allowed. If use of locker rooms for changing is necessary, maximize ventilation and use tape, spots, or cones to signal 6 feet of distance for athletes who need to change. Stagger entry to the changing area and use these facilities as appropriate with members of the same group/cohort.
  • Use of showers allowed. If showering is necessary then limit the number of individuals showering to ensure a minimum of 6 feet of separation.

Facial Coverings:

  • Soccer players are allowed to remove facial coverings for competitions.
  • Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times.
  • Officials and referees are allowed remove their facial coverings if officiating requires them to run in the field of play.
  • Facial coverings required for indoor for all participants, including coaches, trainers, and officials.


Updated January 28, 2021:

As you may be aware, Governor Inslee announced yesterday that King County would be entering Phase 2 of the RoadMap to Recovery on Monday, February 1.  In response,Washington Youth Soccer also posted updated guidance once for clubs in regions that will be entering into Phase 2. While this is exciting news, we encourage everyone to stay diligent to all the guidelines and protocols that keep everyone as safe as possible.  As a club, we have done a fantastic job and have not had a single transmission of COVID-19traced to any of our training sessions. Well done!  

We understand there have been numerous policies issued by different agencies and organizations, which can change without notice.  We will try to provide you with the information as it is released and appreciate your patience and flexibility as we navigate through all the changing information.  

Games and Training 

-Games are set to begin on the Feb. 6-7 weekend

-Updated training schedules will be sent out by this weekend

Holiday Travel

Washington clubs are required to enforce the Governor's quarantine policies for times when players travel.  Please take this into consideration when planning any travel, especially as we enter the mid-winter break or Spring Break travel windows.  We rely on each individual player to keepcoaches informed of anticipated travel and to follow the most current quarantining procedures (especially as the policies can be subject to update).  This will greatly help them plan for training and games.

-Travel Advisory for Non -Essential Travel, Individuals are subject to self- quarantine for 14 days after returning home from travel.  Quarantine time may be shortened with a negative result from a COVID test taken 6+ days after arrival home.  


-(Updated Jan.2021)  Governor Inslee’s Sporting Activities COVID-19 Requirements


Thank you all for being part of Eastside FC and stay safe!


Updated January 11, 2021:

Washington Youth Soccer and The Governor's office have released new guidelines for furthering play. As of 1/11/21, The following guidelines have been updated:

  • Face coverings are required for all players, coaches, and volunteers AT ALL TIMES.
  • Indoor training and practice allowed for soccer if players are limited to groups of 6 in separate parts of the field/court, separated by a buffer zone. Brief close contact (ex: 3 on 3 drills) is permitted. It is preferable for the groups of six to be stable over time. All facilities must calculate allowable participant occupancy by dividing the room size or available floor space by 500 square feet per person.
  • Outdoor team practices, training and intra-team competitions allowed. Scrimmage against other teams or training or practices with other teams is not allowed.
  • No tournaments allowed.
  • All non-essential travel is subject to quarantine.
  • Refer to county administrators and your local field operator before scheduling a practice session.
  • Any previous guidelines that are contradictory to the latest update are no longer applicable.

Read the Governor's Guidelines here.


Updated September 2020:

With the governor's office releasing new guidelines for youth sports, Washington Youth Soccer has detailed the RCL return to play. Under those guidelines, youth soccer clubs that meet criteria can begin contact-based training as well as league games. "This is an exciting time for us as we are now able to resume more familiar training sessions," said Media and Communications Director Aaron Libed. While there are still safety protocols that are in place, being able to have more normalcy with the teams is incredibly important."

Under the new guidelines, counties the clubs are based in must meet case and positivity requirements in order to lessen restrictions. To be able to play matches, each county must be between 25 and 75 cases per 100,000 as well as have a positivity rate of less than 5%. The RCL understands that not all counties (and their clubs) will meet that requirement concurrently. Even with differing restrictions, many clubs are able to train together as well as resume some league matches.

With the announcement, many Eastside FC teams took to the field over the weekend and played intra-club friendlies to prepare for the upcoming season. Other teams have changed their focus to small-sided games at training.