Congratulations to the 2021 Girl's High School All-Stars!

KingCo 4A:

First Team:

Olivia Johnsrud, Skyline KingCo Co-Defender of the Year (G03/04 ECRL)

Avery Libed, Inglemoor (G03/04 ECNL)

Lauren Lailey, Issaquah (G03/04 ECNL)

Second Team:

Mie Cairns, Skyline (G03/04 ECNL)

Maggie Dutra, Issaquah (G06 ECNL)

Avery Crowe, Issaquah (G04 ECRL)

Jensyn Lins, Issaquah (G04 ECRL)

Ali Evans, Skyline (G05 ECNL)

Honorable Mention:

Kayla Smith, Eastlake (G03/04 ECNL)

Mads Loucks, Skyline (G05 ECNL)

Rhen Ericson, Skyline (G05 ECNL)

Ariana Ellison, Skyline (G05 ECNL)

Ella Witherspoon, Issaquah (G05 ECNL)

Macie Harris, Mt Si (G05 ECNL)

KingCo 3A:

First Team:

Ashley Kirschner, Liberty Offensive Player of the Year  (G03/04 ECNL)

Gaby Bede, Bellevue  Defensive Player of the Year (G06 ECNL)

Katie Pedersen, Mercer Island  (G03/04 ECNL)

Second Team:

Mimi Pietilla, Mercer Island (G03/04 ECRL)

Alex Buck, Bellevue (G06 ECNL)

Honorable Mention:

Olivia Vidal, Interlake (G03/04 ECNL)

Kaisa Olson, Mercer Island (G03/04 ECRL)

Amber Serres, Bellevue (G06 ECNL)

Lily Colby, Bellevue (G06 ECNL)

Mid-Columbia Conference:

First Team:

Kate Christian, Kamiakin (G03/04 ECNL)


Second Team:

Leah Cammarano, Cedarcrest (G05 ECNL)

Honorable Mention:

Payton Mundy, Cedarcrest (G07 Red)


First Team:

Lyla Merte, Mountain View (G03/04 ECNL)

*Other Conference Teams will be posted once they are announced.