Earlier this month, about 100 children from the Jardin Das Oliveras village in Goiás, Brazil received soccer cleats and other gear donated by Eastside FC. Many of these children had dreams to have shoes to play on the red dirt outside their village. "Thank you EFC families from various teams that donated and made so many kids Christmas a dream come true," said Senator Canedo. "The donations have helped with their development by teaching children soccer, socialization, respect, discipline, and helping them stay off the streets."

"My thank you to all the wonderful EFC families that donated," said coach Alex Silva. "I wish they could experience looking at the kids eyes filled with joy right before the holidays...There were parents that were in tears and commented how special that was...to see their kid receive a gift...to wear a nice pair of soccer cleats. It was a gift to me to touch so many hearts and and fill them with happiness. I'm grateful to deliver gifts from our families and know that we impacted their lives in a such positive way."