Dear Eastside FC,

We want to let you know that we are doing everything we can to create the best possible experience for you and your players in partnership with our brand partners. The scale and severity of the pandemic’s impact continues to affect us all and every part of our lives - be it shopping, eating out, or trying to get through airports. Product shortages and delays from factories- in addition to labor shortages continue to be the major hurdles in the US recovery effort.

Thank you for encouraging your players to order early. We are currently meeting all promised delivery dates but know they are 9 days longer than the same time last year.

We are hearing from your families every day, and as I am sure you would understand, their emotions range from sympathetic understanding to pandemic fatigue and “I just want my stuff.” We are committed to working the phones and answering the emails to assure your players and families that they are both heard and that we are committed to getting their orders shipped. We share the same frustrations and work almost hourly with your club brand partner to improve delivery dates, speed receipts, and make any necessary adjustments.

We know the only way forward is our commitment to transparency and service. When product is available from brand partner factories, please know that SOCCER.COM will do everything to get it first.

In our 40 years in business, we have faced many challenges, and we know that how we handle them shapes the foundation of your trust in us. Relying on our strong sense of purpose that you are the most important relationship we have, we will get through this.

We are confident that we are experiencing a unique, maybe once-in-a lifetime, set of circumstances. The extraordinary measures we put in place did not overcome the challenges we are collectively facing.  While some days it feels like “It’s not one thing, it’s everything,” we know that it will improve and we will come out stronger on the other side together. We all want that day to come as soon as possible.

Here's more detail on the challenges and how we’re addressing them.

Labor and product availability challenges remain. We have a dedicated team working 24 hours a day processing orders but labor shortages continue to affect production times. On the product side, delays from the factory, bottlenecks at US ports, transportation shortages, and an average product delay of 6-8 weeks is causing backorders and split shipments to your players.

We are working diligently as a team to manage what we can control to help overcome these challenges. More specifically, here are a number of the steps we’re actively taking right now:

-          We are speaking directly with our brand partners daily to do everything in our power to get backordered or delayed product to our facility.

-          We continue to aggressively hire in our Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC), much later into the season than we have ever done previously.

-          We are investing to have our current CFC workers work overtime and additional hours.

-          ALL employees from our leadership team, managers and supervisors are working regular shifts at the CFC to process orders.

We know that everyone is affected differently in the current environment. We thank you for your understanding, working to make the best of this, and for your partnership as we navigate these unprecedented challenges together.


Brendan and Mike