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Full Training Sessions

The Online Training Center has full sessions for players looking for an hour or training time.

Full Training Sessions

Ball Mastery & Dribbling

All of the dribbling moves, and ball touch drills, are intended to refine the player’s ability to manipulate the ball to their will.  Confidence on the ball is earned, and is available to all players. Sessions available:

Ball Mastery: La Croqueta
Ball Mastery: 1000 Touches
Ball Mastery: Beginner
Ball Mastery: Intermediate
Ball Mastery: Advanced
Dribbling: Beginner
Dribbling: Intermediate
Dribbling: Advanced
Dribbling at a Defender

Passing & Receiving

The wall is your perfect passing partner, who will always give you exactly the same pass it received.  When you get a great pass back from the wall, you are doing it right! Click HERE for Passing and Receiving Exercises.

YouTube Playlist


Juggling hones the players ability to master the movement of the ball, using all legal surfaces of the body. Ball control is a critical foundational skill which allows for tactical player development (decision making).

Juggling: Beginner
Juggling: Intermediate
Juggling: Advanced


Every workout should have a thorough warm up period with stretching, a high intensity phase, and then a cool down period which ends with stretching.

Fitness Sessions


Work on a complete goalkeeping session hosted by EFC goalkeeping coach Tom Bunnell and his staff.

Goalkeeping Sessions

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