My name is Kelvin Galvez, I was born and raised in Peru. Moved to the U.S. almost 13 years ago. I grew up playing soccer in the streets, fields and beaches of the port of Paita, Peru. I played at the high school, college and semi pro level in my hometown. Even though I studied Business Administration in Peru, I discovered my passion for coaching after taking my stepson to a local soccer program, I realized at that moment that I could share my knowledge, passion and love for the sport with the younger ones. One of my first coaching courses was a soccer clinic at University of Washington with coach Dean Wurzberger, and Dick Bate, a great English soccer coaching educator back in 2009. Since then I started my coaching journey and education, which has taken me to study the game and live in the city of Barcelona, coaching for a short period overseas, meet and learn from people from different parts of the world, different cultures, and languages, and experience the game from the side lines at different levels. A student of the game, I continue learning and always looking to improve and get better, as the sport evolves.

Coaching Experience:


  • International Soccer Schools – Assistant Boys and Girls soccer Coach GU8, BU8, GU10, BU10, GU12, and BU16, BU17, 2010 – 2012

  • DOS FC – Assistant Girl’s Soccer coach GU13 and GU15, 2011 – 2012

  • Pacific Northwest Soccer Club – Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach GU14, GU15, GU17, GU18, BU10 Gold Head Coach, 2012 – 2014

  • Bellevue High School – JVC Boys Soccer Head Coach Spring Season 2013

  • Eastside Catholic High School – JV Girls Soccer Head Coach, Fall Seasons 2013 – 2015

  • Eastside Catholic High School – JV Boys Soccer Head Coach, Spring 2014 – 2015

  • Rainier Valley Slammers (Now MRFC/Slammers) – Head Coach for GU19, GU18, GU16, GU14, GU13, GU10, BU16, BU13, BU14, BU13, BU10, BU9, 2014 – 2019

  • Auburn High School – Varsity Boys Soccer Head Coach, Spring 2017 – 2019

  • FC Levante Las Planas – 2nd Assistant Coach and Scouting Video Analyst for BU17 and Men’s First Team in Catalan 3rd Division, August to December 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Kitsap Pumas – 1st Assistant Coach, National Premier Soccer League Summer 2018

  • Green River College – Assistant Coach Women’s Soccer Team Fall 2018 – Present

  • Washington State EPD – Assistant Coach Girls 2008 August 2018-Present


Coaching Licenses and Certifications:


  • Master in High Performance Soccer – MBP School Barcelona Fall 2017

  • MBP Specialist in Scouting – MBP School Barcelona Dec. 2017

  • Longomatch – Certified Pro Level Dec. 2017

  • USSF ‘B’ License – 2015

  • USSF ‘C’ License – 2012

  • USSF ‘D’ License – 2011

  • USSF ‘E’ License – 2010

  • USSF ‘F’ License - 2015

  • NSCAA – Goalkeeping Diploma Level 1

  • NSCAA – Goalkeeping Diploma Level 2

  • NSCAA – Advance National Diploma

  • FAW (Wales Football Federation) Introduction to Football Coaching Certificate

  • First Aid, CPR and AED Certified

  • Currently doing the USSF A-Youth License course.

  • Speak Spanish (my native language), English, and trying to learn some Portuguese.


Tournament Highlights:

State Cup semifinals PAC GU15, GU18.

PAC BU10 promoted to Div. 2 after an undefeated season.

President’s Cup Div. 1 Champions with Slammers BU13.

President’s Cup Div. 1 Quarterfinal with Slammers GU17.



My wife’s name is Claudia, she’s also from same hometown in Peru. I have one daughter, her name is Kiyari, her name is a Quechua name (language of the Incas) and it means Moonlight, my stepson’s name is Tristan and my chocolate lab’s name is Biscuit.  I like to play guitar and of course playing soccer when I have the time. Grew up in a port/beach town, so I enjoyed swimming and surfing back in the day, not so much in the Pacific north west. My favorite teams are Real Madrid (Spain), and Universitario (Peru).

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PO BOX 284 PRESTON WA 98050 (425) 441-8180