Eastside FC strives to be the best club in the western United States. We have World-Class Coaches who not only are the best at developing elite players but elite citizens as well. Our players become champions in their lives well after their journey ends with us. "Building Champions in Life" has been our foundational focus for many years and scores of our players can attest to that hallmark.

Our facilities play a vital role in fulfilling that mission. Eastside FC is the only club in the Puget Sound area with our own 5-field outdoor complex and 11,000 square-foot office and futsal center in one convenient location. Located 10 minutes east of the 405 and I-90 interchange, Eastside's facilities provide a convenient home for our training and matches.



Located right off the I-90 10-minutes from the 405, Preston Park is the home of all of Eastside FC's outdoor training and matches. Preston has two full-size fields, a 9-a-side field, and two 7-a-side fields. For training, Preston also has over 30 goals of various sizes for EFC's use, as well as over 50 yards of wall space for technical training. All of the fields at Preston are also equipped with film towers for game video.

"The convenience of being in one location cannot be overstated"

Most soccer clubs train on different community fields and school facilities. Families often have faced issues of their children training in different locations and at different times throughout their season. At Eastside FC, having one centralized location to train, play matches, and hold team events provides stability and convenience no one else can provide.



Located in the industrial area minutes from Preston Park, The Hub is the epicenter of the administrative, leadership, and creative teams for Eastside FC. The Hub has served as the gathering place for many of the functions and events we host throughout the year since 2015.

The Hub is also home to the EFC Futsal Center, complete with our own indoor futsal court, viewing areas, kitchen and dining area, and conference rooms. Our offices are located on the 2nd floor and are used for meetings, video analysis, conferences, and team events. No other club in the Seattle area has all of their facilities located in one place.

"With the World-class facilities at their disposal, Eastside FC truly sets themselves apart from other soccer clubs in the Puget Sound."