U8 - U9 Junior RCL Program
Designed to Equip Future Elite Players for Demands of Game

Eastside FC (EFC) is participating in the Washington Youth Soccer Regional Club League (RCL) Junior Program for boys and girls at the U8 and U9 age groups in both the spring and fall.  The state’s implementation of the RCL Junior program is following the guidance of Claudio Reyna, the U.S. Soccer Youth Technical Director, who is encouraging developmental programs to start at earlier ages across the country.  “We have created this curriculum to serve as a blueprint for the thousands of coaches across the country working with these young players at such an important time in their development” says Reyna.  According to Gary White, Washington Youth Soccer Technical Director, “The RCL junior program allows our premier clubs to implement development best practices to equip our elite soccer players for the demands at the highest level of the future game.” 

Our objectives for players at this age include:
  • Have fun playing the game of soccer;
  • Begin to learn the fundamentals of the game from high-level premier coaches;
  • Develop skills, confidence, initiative and sense of teamwork; and
  • Promote and encourage the very highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.
Teams and Coaching
THERE IS NOT A TRYOUT PROCESS FOR JUNIOR RCL. Teams are formed after the first two weeks of training.  Team roster size will be a maximum 10 players for a 6v6 competition format.  Team selection for the spring program takes place in January; and for the fall program takes place in August.  There is also summer training offered for Jr RCL players.
Practice sessions are 1-hour-and-15-minutes long, and are held twice a week at Preston or Mercer Island, depending on the program, generally either Tue/Thu or Wed/Fri. 

The game format will be 6-a-side, with each match having 25-minute halves.  Girls will play Saturday and boys on Sunday.  The season will be 10 games long. 

Mercer Island Option
Depending on the number of participants and field availability each session, we try to accomodate an option for a Mercer Island team each season.

U8 and U9 Premier Option

U8 and U9 players who are developmentally ready have the option to play in Eastside FC's year-round U8 and U9 Premier RCL Program. Unlike the Junior RCL Program, U8 and U9 Premier teams are selected by tryouts.  Click here to learn more.


What clubs participate in the  RCL Junior League?
The RCL Junior program will consist of 4 geographically based divisions. The clubs in our league will be Eastside FC, Crossfire Premier, Pacific Northwest Soccer Club (formerly GRFC and DOS FC).

Where can I find out more information about WA Youth Soccer RCL?
Go to or Regional Club League under Leagues at WA Youth Soccer site.

When will this program be offered during the year?
Annually there will be spring and fall sessions that are operated as distinct programs. The programs will be structured similarly.  In addition, there will be a training session for Jr RCL players offered over the summer.
Registration for the summer program will be in late May and early June.  Fall program registration will begin along with the summer program, but will continue through mid-August, and Spring program registration takes place in January.  Please check the EFC website for exact dates and latest information.

Will there be any opportunities to continue player development during the summer?
EFC will offer a summer Jr RCL training program, open to U8/U9 players. Please check the EFC website for updated information.
Can my child play up to U8 or U9?

U7 play-ups to U8 will be allowed. Sorry we will not allow players younger than U7. U8 play-ups to U9 will be considered on a case-by-case situation. Our goal is for the players to have a good experience and offer age appropriate training. See the WSYSA player age chart for more information.

How many teams do you expect to form?
EFC is expecting to form 3-4 teams per gender for each age group but this will depend on the number of players. We are expecting a similar number of teams for the other RCL clubs in our league.

I hear a modified field will be used; what is a modified field?
A modified field is approximately 35 x 60 yards. When you visit our home fields in Preston, you will see professionally built and marked modified turf fields. Most games will be played here. We will be using modified goals appropriate for these age groups.

More Information
Specific information about the spring and fall programs will be posted here. 
More information about the Washington Youth Soccer’s RCL league can be found at: .
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