U8-U18 Premier Soccer
Eastside FC Development Philosophy, Phases and Objectives: Building Champions in Life

Eastside FC offers youth Premier soccer, often called "elite" or "travel" soccer, the highest level of competition in Washington and our region. We do this by playing in the most consistently competitive leagues and tournaments avialable to our players at each age group. (See Leagues and Affiliations.) We are successful because of our emphasis on finding and developing great coaches, dedication to an overarching development philosophy, and deployment of a strong soccer curriculum, consistent across our program.

Development Philosophy

Eastside FC’s development philosophy endeavors to develop skillful, thoughtful players who will love and enjoy the game of soccer throughout their lives. Our core mission, beyond creating a fun and safe environment, is to teach the process of excellence to every player in our club, empowering them with a skill set that transfers into other aspects of their lives.  Competitive success is a natural outcome of teaching this process to a talented group of players.

 We produce players and teams capable of competing at the highest youth levels locally, regionally and nationally.  At the same time we celebrate the success of all our teams, independent of the level at which they play.  Eastside FC’s development model is consistent with guidelines set forth by US Youth Soccer, as well as widely accepted best practice principles found in the modern game worldwide.

During their time at Eastside FC, players are thoroughly coached in each of the four pillars of the game: technical, tactical, physical and psychosocial.  We strive for club-wide consistency in our training and development.  We hire experienced coaches who recognize that being a role model for their players is every bit as important as what they teach them about soccer.

Development Phases

For development purposes, we divide our age groups into the following sequential phases, with defined developmental objectives for each phase:

  1. Foundation (U8-U11)
  2. Advancement (U12-U14)
  3. Performance and Placement (U15-U18)


Development Objectives

Each phase has distinct development objectives that are achieved through focused coaching.   Variation among individual players and teams require each coach to adjust their approach to meet the needs of the player and the team.  However, the core objectives must be met by the players in order for the foundation to be in place for the next phase of their development.

Eastside FC soccer development goals for each player and team can be characterized as:

  • Skillful, creative and attractive style of play.
  • Strong focus on possession of the ball through sound fundamental passing technique.
  • Players who are comfortable with the ball at their feet.
  • Solid 1v1 fundamentals on both sides of the ball.
  • Tactical awareness.
  • Utilization of age appropriate team defending principles.

The club’s character development goals for each player focus on:

  • Success in a team environment
  • Work ethic
  • Discipline
  • Goal setting
  • Learning
  • Perseverance

Supportive parents who appreciate and understand the long term view of development are a vital component of the process.