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As US Soccer undergoes radical transformation to raise the level of the game, clubs are delivering higher-level programming for younger players. It comes as no surprise that early years are important to the development of future elite soccer players, as they are key in developing comfort with the ball at a player’s feet, while reinforcing at every turn that soccer is fun, and creating a foundation for all that is to come. 


Winning is not a focus at the younger ages, nor should it be. We know that if players are developed and they’re having fun, then over time, in the later years, competitive success will follow. That has always been the case. We also know that kids can learn to be competitive, not measured in wins, but in how they approach every training and every game, a mindset that can translate to an intrinsic drive for success.


We are committed to building champions on the soccer field, as well as in life. Facing  challenges through sport played competitively can teach enduring life lessons. Our job is to provide the resources and opportunities our players need to face them as they strive to improve along with their teams.  Our commitment is to provide:


  • Quality, professional coaching;

  • Access to the highest-levels of the youth game, coaches and resources, in our region, including access to competitive leagues, tournaments and training opportunities, to reinforce the skills the players are learning;

  • A thoughtful, systems-based soccer curriculum that teaches our players an Eastside FC game plan and style of play from an early age that builds year over year;

  • Opportunities for our teams and players to showcase their skills so those who are willing to put in the work can find opportunities at the next level of the game.


Come join us!  If you love the game of soccer, are willing to learn and to put in the time and work to get better, we encourage you to take the challenge.  Step into our Junior RCL program, or come tryout for our Premier RCL soccer, and see where your love of the game will take you. All players are welcome to tryout for our competitive boys’ and girls US Soccer Development Academy programs, beginning at U12.


Click here to link to tryout information.  It’s important that you find the right level of soccer, so you can get plenty of touches on the ball and love playing while you’re learning. We all start somewhere.  And, if we are doing our job right, the process will lead you to the team that best fits your development needs.  See you on the pitch!

Program Overview

Use tables below to find program options for your player's age. Use links at right to get more details.

Zone One Options for Players U8 - U12


Zone 2 Options for Players U13-U18/19