Premier Soccer Begins in Earnest


The Regional Club League (RCL) is made up of the top 18 clubs of Washington Youth Soccer, and provides the highest level league play and player development in the state. Eastside FC fields boys’ and girls’ teams at all ages in the league, which outlines rigorous standards including criteria and levels of coaching licensure, player development curriculum and training guidelines to ensure a high level of competition.


Eastside FC fields 2-3 teams for boys and girls at U9, which may also include younger U8 players if they are developmentally ready, based on tryout results. (If your child is underage, please contact Anderson Prestes, our Coaching Director for our youngest players, U8s-U12s) Teams playing in the RCL at all ages have access to an end-of-season Washington Youth Soccer state tournament: RCL teams U9-U11 are eligible to play in the President’s Cup; and RCL teams U12 and older are eligible to play in either the Presidents Cup or the State Championship Cup. Our Premier RCL teams enjoy two league seasons a year, and generally play in summer tournaments, for a 9-10 month total season, with out-of-state travel opportunities beginning at U11.


Eastside FC teams in the RCL are at the heart of our program. Players in the RCL are instructed using the curriculum developed with the Sounders for the boys’ side, and with Reign FC on the girls’, so players can slot in seamlessly at higher levels as they improve year over year. Some of our Premier RCL teams also qualify to compete in the US Youth Soccer National League and the Far West Regional League.


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