Eastside FC is Official Youth Partner of Sounders FC
A clearer player pathway; exclusive access with Sounders FC coaching education and curriculum

(Mar 12, 2016)  Former players and coaches from the storied Seattle Sounders have long given back to their sport, many joining the ranks of Eastside FC as coaches and staff since the youth club's inception in 1970 as the first program in our state dedicated to premier-level play for western Washington youth. This week, another chapter was added to the state's youth soccer history as the two clubs announced their official youth soccer partnership, more closely aligning Eastside FC with the Sounders.

“Eastside FC has always enjoyed a strong and valued relationship with the Seattle Sounders, highlighted recently by the success of Jordan Morris," said Tim Bauman, Eastside FC's Board President. "This new partnership takes Eastside FC to another level, and will provide benefits for every member of our club. We are honored to be chosen.”

Among other things, the partnership provides a clear pathway for Eastside FC boys who are looking to take their game to the next level. By 2012, six players from the EFC B94 Red team, which included Jordan Morris, found their way to the Sounders FC Development Academy, and a steady stream has flowed to the program from Eastside FC every since.

"Eastside FC has been an important partner of Sounders FC Academy since the beginning and we look forward to further strengthening that relationship with the entire club," affirmed Sounders FC Academy Director Marc Nicholls.

"This partnership will provide many great opportunities to our families and coaching staff at Eastside FC," said EFC's Coaching Director, Tom Bialek, himself a former Sounders player. "The pathway for our players to the next level of play will be very exciting and clear. Additionally, our developmental model, which will benefit ALL of our players, will incorporate the ideas and best practices of the Sounders Academy. The agreement provides EFC exclusive access with Sounders FC coaching education and curriculum to benefit our boys and girls."

Eastside FC players can look for the addition of rave green to the new Eastside FC kits. Friends and family can watch for an upcoming event at THE NINETY, the Sounders' cultural hub of soccer and a gathering place for soccer fans to celebrate the world’s game. And, expect to see a lot more #RaveGreen and #SoundersTilIDie in EFC social media.

“With our inclusion in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, a new marquee sponsorship with Slalom, Jordan's signing with the Sounders and now this official club partnership, 2016 is off to a great start for Eastside FC!” summarized Chance Fry, Eastside FC's Executive Director, also a former Sounders' player. Fry also served as a coach and director for the former A-League and USL Sounders teams. Other Sounders' players and coaches who've gone on to coach at Eastside FC include, amongst others, Kei Kinoshita, Danny Huet, Bill May, Scott Jenkins, Michael Smith, Chad Brown, Colin Rigby and Danny Jackson, who coached previously, and has returned as a Board member.